Father chooses less-lethal Byrna to protect his family

With kids at home, the Byrna was the perfect option for William’s household.

“I got two young kids at home, so that’s another big thing you know. Yeah, just keeping firearms in the house we just don’t like that as an option really,” William explained.

William said gun ranges are far from his home, but with Byrna, he can practice in his backyard.

“Me and my brother-in-law will train with it, set up targets. We got some plinking targets that we like to have to practice with and will use the kinetic and eco-kinetic balls,” he said.

William is the owner of a Byrna HD and recently won the Halloween giveaway for a new SD launcher. He is no stranger to less-lethal weapons. He said he owned another self-defense tool but wanted something more effective.

“It was just a .50 caliber, you know, and it’s just not quite as effective as what I thought a .68 caliber would be so I went ahead and bought an HD and I really like it,” he said.

For William, it was important to have a self-defense tool that wouldn’t change lives.

“You could ruin your life. A firearm, you can end up tying up your life and a lot of money up and defending yourself against someone that you might end up losing self-defense,” he said. “It is just way better to resort to than a firearm to defend yourself.”

Self Defense Has A New Hero. 


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