Byrna 'side hustle' dealer shares secrets to building a six-figure business

A Byrna “side hustle” dealer has quit his full-time job and is well on his way to running a six-figure business working only a couple of days a week.

Dave signed up for the dealer program after it was announced in September of 2021, which was perfect timing because, after over 30 years of selling hot tubs, he was ready for a change.

Dave said he has been a longtime Byrna owner, and purchased his first launcher in 2019 after a rise in crime.

“My wife and I belong to a Facebook group that we would open every morning when we get up. And there would be three or four incidents in our neighborhood Facebook group that are usually captured on there, you know, video doorbells and things, and some of them were one or 2, 3, 4 blocks away,” he said. Dave said he heard about the Byrna on Sean Hannity and purchased it right away.

Becoming a dealer was a business decision that made sense for Dave. He was experienced with trade shows, sales, and most importantly, it was a product he believes in.

When he became a dealer, he was planning a move to Florida. He started with a minimal investment and signed up for three shows in Colorado, where he was living at the time.

“Each time I did them I learned a lot and got better,” he said. Dave was planning on leaving his full-time job in Colorado once he moved, but this program allowed him to earn income without getting another full-time job.

“I’m fortunate because I’m in a state that’s a great gun state,” he said. He attends gun shows every weekend and in Florida, the shows are well promoted.

To begin a journey as a dealer with Byrna there is a minimum order of $2,500 and Byrna offers marketing materials for the best booth experience.

“Byrna does a great job of offering a lot of promotional materials, and we just bought everything. So, we have the 10 and a half foot flags, we have all our drapes and counter products, the standing banners and we wear Byrna shirts and hats,” he explained.  

When he attends gun shows, he noticed some booths try to sell “everything under the sun,” but they focus on selling only Byrna products, a model he believes contributes to his success.

“Every [Byrna] product, every accessory, every color,” he said.

His business has seen such exponential growth in a matter of a few months that they now bring at least $25,000 worth of products to every show. To attend gun shows, he spends about $300-$400 per weekend show and will produce up to $15,000 in revenue for a good show. A “bad” show will produce $6,000-$8,000 in revenue.

Dave said the secret to his success is knowing how to work a booth and interact with people.

“The concept is the same whether it’s hot tubs or a $400 Byrna, you engage with people, you stand up, you don’t sit down and look at your cellphone. You ask everybody who walks by if they’ve heard of Byrna. Whether they say yes or no, it doesn’t matter, you immediately hand them the launcher,” he said.

Then he transitions to the various projectiles, benefits, and how to use the launcher. 

Dave said it is important to not only share the story of Byrna but to listen to why customers may need a self-defense product.

“There's a lot of people walking around that don't know they are interested in the product until they kind of hear the story. But a lot of times they're thinking in their mind about their mother, their grandmother, their daughter who goes to college, driving around at night going to clubs or you know, getting out of work, running a store where they're alone and just all these different scenarios,” he said. Dave also considers the lifestyle of every customer such as if they own an RV, the Byrna is perfect because it is interstate travel friendly.

Dave said he is well on his way to making his side hustle a 6-figure business working only a couple of days a week.

For others looking to achieve his level of success, he said, “you have to commit. It’s hard work for a short period of time. When you get done, you’re exhausted because it is nonstop. And as soon as someone walks away from the booth, after you’ve done your pitch, you’re right onto the next person,” he said. He often pitches three to four couples at once and as soon as he is done with a sale, he jumps right into the next pitch.

If he ever has a “competitor” at a show, he said his delivery at the shows truly sets him apart. He ensures everyone has enough CO2 cartridges, practice ammo, and is well informed to start practicing with their new Byrna.

Dave has advice for anyone wanting to start a side hustle with Byrna, “have a good time, relax and enjoy themselves. People buy from people they like, and if you believe in the product and you are having fun, it’s not like work.”

“Just work hard two days and focus. Would you rather do that or a 45-hour a week where you have to work for someone else? We’re on track for, you know, making an average of $10,000 to $12,000 a month [in profit].”


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