Byrna Pro Tip: Launcher Maintenance

In today’s Pro Tip, we’re going to review the proper maintenance of your Byrna SD Launcher! 

Relying on a tool for your protection means you need to assure that tool stays properly honed, and one of the great parts about the Byrna launchers is how easy they are to maintain. 

Factors that influence the frequency of maintenance are the number of projectiles fired, excessive time between uses, and your environment.

But, maintenance can be performed with nothing more than our basic oiler kit. Before starting, assure that your launcher is unloaded and does not house a CO2 cartridge.

First, use the provided brush to assure the barrel is free of dust, powder, or debris. Then utilize the supplied oil by placing the oiler guide into the CO2 chamber, inserting the oil applicator, and squeezing to dispense 2-3 drops of oil. Then insert a fresh CO2 cartridge and operate your launcher to disperse the oil throughout the system.

For a more detailed explanation, be sure to refer to your users manual.

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