Byrna Mean Posts

So here at Byrna we get a lot of feedback about our products, and in some cases that feedback can be a little angry.  So now it is Josh's turn to provide some feedback in a segment we are calling "Mean Posts".

As a PSA for those new to Byrna, or those who are not familiar with Josh we have listed his credentials below:

  1. - Decorated Police Veteran (17 years as a Texas Police Officer)
  2. - Former SWAT Commander (13 years)
  3. - Former Sniper Team Leader (5 years)
  4. - Former Patrol Captain (3 years)

 Here are a few examples of the types of messages and dm's we get:

  1. 1. "When referring to the Byrna, is that like a Vegan Burger?  Why buy a toy when I have all I need here in the form of a deadly weapon?"
    1. See Josh's Response
  • 3. "I will stay with my handgun no matter what.  This will only make them madder"
      1. See Josh's Response
  • 4. "This costs as much as a gun"
      1. See Josh's Response
  • 5. "It is like taking a knife to a gunfight... If they pull out a gun, you are dead"
      1. See Josh's Response

    Self Defense Has A New Hero. 


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