Byrna Collaboration with Christine Chiu

Byrna Technologies is thrilled to announce our partnership with Christine Chiu, the Co-Executive Producer and star of the popular Netflix unscripted TV series Bling Empire. This collaboration is intended to bring awareness to the Byrna's suite of less-lethal, self-defense products.

Chiu shared, “As a mom, wife and businesswoman, I continue to be concerned about the growing violence in these uncertain times. The Byrna product provides me with protection, peace of mind, and confidence in unsettling circumstances. In the event of an incident, it would give me time to get help and find safety without the risk of taking someone’s life.”

"We are extremely excited to welcome Christine to the Byrna Nation family as she embraces Byrna’s mantra of being Prepared to Defend,” commented Byrna Chief Marketing + Revenue Officer, Luan Pham. “We believe it’s critically important for everyone to have a self-defense game plan. As statistics prove, properly prepared people stand a much better chance of protecting themselves, their loved ones and property. Christine champions this philosophy.”


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